Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Top 20 Pictures well I mean more...! Here you go!

Good work Charla this is all of us!
The cold I had with a scary Jaron bear in the background
Sweet glasses
Just funny really.
Sleeper train! I took 4 of them this trip
He is everywhere! Krakow
Even sweeter!
so sweet, Krakow
Jewish grave yard
The family name well almost... I found them mom.
This speaks for itself... amazing
Beauty (found on a wall in the Jewish sector), krakow
Jeff hates when Charla and I talk we on the other hand love it
Good friends on the roof in a hostel
My fav. Church in Krakow
The best tag I found
Some tricky subway tags
Two some what Jewish girls in the great synogauge, Hungary
Budapest at night
This one is so for alex
Bridges in Budapest
Romanian Country Side by Train


LJ said...

It's Laurie Jayne. I love you. And I miss you. And tell Charla I said hello.

girl with freckles said...

Word. My sister was pleased with the pyramid picture. Nay, impressed. Nay, impressed and overjoyed. Perhaps.