Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just a lot of progress with my boyz!

I would like to begin my saying Happy 4th of July! For you that know me well know that this is my holiday of choice. I missed each and everyone of you and tried to shut out the missing by eating corn bread as you will see it worked a little.

I just glanced over my blog to insure that I don’t tell you a story you have already heard and I realized that my life here really does center around a few key people, Marius and Alex. So if you don’t like hearing about these boys I must ask you right here and now to stop reading because this email will not be all that interesting for you. So here you go… We have been waiting for months to see if Marius’s brother is granted custody of Marius because his going to America for treatment depends upon it. This week, after all of our waiting, we got the good news! When Teo got the call she went running around the orphanage looking for me and when I finally saw her she was down the hall. I have never seen someone jump so high in my whole life. She just came jumping down the hall on the verge of tears shouting, “Elisa we got it”. Although Marius has been through so much seeing Teo’s reaction left me with no doubt that he is a very loved boy. Truly that is only a reaction a mother can have. So now we just have to wait for the papers to arrive in the mail, which because we are in Romania can take up to a month! Oh the woes of post communist life. No need to worry though he will be able to get his treatment now and someday Marius will have his face back and sweet prosthetic hands.

Tuesday the 8th of July was a very important day that Alex and I have been looking forward to for weeks now. It was his tenth birthday! I have been trying to figure out what to get his for a while. This was not the easiest thing since he cannot talk but I narrowed it down to balloons and a big horse. Now the trick was finding both of these things. I planned on spending all Saturday getting things ready for his birthday but I was hit with a bad case of the flu. I spent two whole days in bed with a high fever which luckily only lasted two days and left me with an hour on Monday to make Alex’s birthday dreams come true. Things worked out perfectly. We bought all 19 balloons the store had and got the biggest and only stuffed animal horse we could find. When we got to the orphanage on Tuesday morning we blew up all of the balloons and walked in one by one into his room holding them. As each girl entered Alex’s smile just got bigger and bigger. I thought it little eyes might blow up. It was truly a great birthday and to make things ever better Alex was dressed in a tuxedo that the orphanage just happens to have.

The last thing of note is that my little baby Christi was in the hospital for some tests which means we got to see him and got to take pictures of him! Although it was good for us Christi did not like it one little bit. I did not get to see him the first day because I had other responsibilities to attend to but the other girls said he was really upset about being there. It seems as though when I saw him the next day his love of he hospital had not increased at all. When I walked in he was just crying and crying. I picked him up to find that he along with his mattress was covered with pee. We was very upset because something like this would never of happened at the Orphanage. I changed him as quickly as possible and after that he was just fine as long as we were holding him. Seeing Christi so scarred like this made me so grateful yet again for the Orphanage where he is taken care of. Although it is not the most ideal care it is so much better then it could be. They really do the best with what they have. Seeing him there also made me think a lot about how I will be leaving in just three weeks to go home and start me new life. I remember the first time I left I was so stressed about leaving my kids and what would happen to them but this time I am not scarred at all. I know that they will be taken care of. I know that other girls will come and will love my children just as much as I did. It is funny how much things can change with time. As for now I am off. I am sorry that this took so much time to get to you but life has been crazy.with much love!



Jay and Tiff said...

Oh Elisa that little movie clip of Marius walking just made me cry! He's such a sweet boy. I'm so glad you've been able to be over in Romania again. It's such a wonderful place. Enjoy your last couple weeks there! We all need to get together when we all get back to Utah!

The Winkels said...

Elisa! I just can't get enough of your blog! In that video did the nurses come tell you to stop? Punks! I cannot wait to see you and hear more about all your wonderful experiences!

ashley said...

Thanks for posting all of this. I miss Marius so so so much and reading about all his progress helps! Thanks for all you're doing and give him and Marian a big hug from me :)

Ashley L.

olivia said...

That red snap-front shirt in the cornbread picture is just gorgeous. Where did you get it? ;)

Miss you.