Tuesday, July 15, 2008

These are the people in the best neighborhood int he world!

Hello world! So I have a very wonderful place to tell you about this week. Remember back when I attended the funeral for my child Marian in a town called Andrieseni? Well while we were there they made us promise that we would return and this past weekend we did just that. After searching for a maxi taxi, aka a bus taxi that went to Andrieseni, we headed on our way. From the moment we stepped off the bus to the moment that we left wonderful thing after wonderful thing seemed to happen. It reminded me a lot of when I went to Peru with my uncle Jack and sister Cory a few years back with a humanitarian group. I remember pulling up in our bus and just being blasted with confetti and flowers from the moment we arrived to the second we left. The people in this small two of Andrieseni were just as gracious. I have thought and thought of how to tell you about what we experienced there and I have realized that there are not to express the kindness that we were shown. It was one of those experiences that you would have to be there to believe it. Regardless, I will try and do my best to give you a little taste of what I saw and felt. I think the best way of doing this will be to tell you about some of the people I came in contact with. So here they are I hope you love them as much as I did.

One of the first people who really affected me, of course not counting the priest and his family who are truly some of the most Christ like people I have yet to meet, was the Beekeeper. Teo our hostess took us all throughout the town to meet the various people that contributed unique things to the feel of the town, the beekeeper was one of these people. When we pulled up to his house, on the buggy we road on the whole time, he was waiting out back with his bees. The priest came with us but sadly had to abruptly leave because he was stung by a bee… go figure. He was so excited to see us that he happily showed us not only the honeycomb but also his coy pond, cactus garden, green house, and a series of landscapes he had done. During this whole time his mother just walked around with us smiling at all of her sons accomplishments. After our Mr. Rogers like tour of beekeeping they sat us down and made us eat one cup full of honey each, this was of course after we had all ready been served two 3 course meal in a two hour period. I personally loved it and when our buggy trotted away I struck with how giving this man was, but this giving did not stop that night he brought us 5 L. of honey as a gift. Of course at our next stop, just like the ones that had come before, the people were extraordinarily nice and they cut down all of their flowers in their garden to give to us because they had nothing else to offer… mom they were all bulb flowers. Anyways another stop that absolutely did me in happened the next day after we camped out in front of the church, which was wonderful because I got to see the stars all night long. We pulled up to a small house with a huge garden and a bunch of old people just poured out. As it turns out 6 elderly sisters who grew up in the house get together and spend each summer together tending their land. I thought it was a wonderful idea and they were so nice. What was more surprising is that they had planned on leaving the previous day but had heard we were in town and changed their travel plans so they could feed us lunch which was far to kind of them because we had already been fed lunch by another family just and hour earlier. I just loved these old ladies so much they all seemed like such beautiful free spirits. They insisted on walking us threw their fields before we left and sent us off with a bucket full of fruits they had shook from the tree. I am sorry that I only have time to talk about this small handful of people I have so much more to say but alas I don’t think anyone has time to read it. I guess what I really learned is that the world is full of beautiful giving people. And I personally found that Romanian culture really does have something on my own.

Other then that the highlight of my week was talking to my mom and dad while they were at my Grandma Thelys’s house celebrating her homecoming from a mission she just served in Chili. While I talked to them as a family they pulled up my blog and were asking me questions about various pictures and experiences. Needless to say it made me feel like a million bucks and grateful that I have a family who loves me very much.


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