Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Andriesen in Photo form

an 80's version of elisa with the priest
these poor horses
the best host in the world Teo (our sister as she says)
cheese is beautiful
the sheep which made the cheese as beautiful
two of the sisters waving goodbye
one of the sisters husbands who told us a very long story about how in america someone asked him what he wanted to drink and he told them is name
all wagon no cars in this town
the librarian and her parents who gave us a cross stitch off their wall
needless to say this one is for you mm
the honey man also collects broken t.v. this is just a few
a traditional romanian home and couple
andrea and his foster mom. they are just crazy about each other. we met him because he is an orphan from the orphanage we work in. meeting him made me realize that happy endings are a reality and well worth believing in.
the veg. oil maker
the church that started it all


Club Narwhal said...

oh my, these are lovely. elisa you are a gem!

Burl & Char said...

Hi, Elisa We enjoyed your blog. Your Mom and Dad were here at the cabin for Family Home Evening with Sam, Julia and family. Your Mom told us about your blog.
Love You, Aunt Char & Uncle Burl