Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Year One Over and Done

Hello friends! It has been a little while and here I am alive and done with my first year of medical school. Can you even believe that? I can't! I can honestly say this past year has been one of the hardest and most amazing of my lifetime. As many of you know, I have gone through a lot but I can now say with confidence that it has all been worth it. This realization came upon me the other night when I woke up after my fever broke (in case you didn't know, I am currently recovering from Swine Flu). When I woke up, every thing I have experienced raced through my mind and I realized without a doubt that it was all worth it. I would have done it all again a million times over if it meant getting to know all the wonderful people I have had the privilage of getting to know this past year. People like Marius, Gheta, Flourine, Teo, my Romania girl, Jeff, Emily, my family, Sara Wilson, Trenton, Lindsey, Alex, my kids at cancer camp, and ultimately, myself. In fact, I think the price I have had to pay for all that I have gained has been very small indeed. But the strange thing is, at the time it seemed like the greatest price in the world. These are my thoughts at the moment, and I hope someone can find some greater understanding in them...what really matters though, is what we do with what we learn--and only time can tell what results these lessons might bring. Well enough of my blabbering on about the woes of med school and the life of a med student.
I have some lovely Haikus that my best friend Nikki wrote for my Mother and I earlier this week in order to help us heal:

Sneezing Bushman girls
Worry Capitol friend, both
Vomiting, pleading

Still incredulous
Angriest virus around
Swine Flu despair, quick

Needless to say Nikki is a very talented lady.

So now for closing I would like to include a little movie... Please do not think I am an egoist but it is a little something I put together during the school year. I took these pictures everytime I felt like I was not alive to remind myself that I in fact was. I supose it was a last stitch to remind myself that despite the isolation of medical school I am alive and that inspite of myself I am an artist. So please do you best to enjoy! Know I love you all and wish I could be with you more often.

as always elisa


Hosander said...

You are so gorgeous. I hope the upcoming year will be just as instructive for you. and I really liked that song on the video.

The Winkels said...

Oh how I have missed you! I'm so happy to hear about your life lately. Did you write this post for me? It really helped me a lot, you are inspiring! Thanks. If ever you have a moment, I would love to get together. Feel better.

NEC said...

Who are all of those sad people?? Now I am extremely depressed.

sara said...

job well done. i'm so glad you are here & i am here. i love you so much!