Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just a little something else I thought you might enjoy!

As it turns out I think this video might be a better depiction of me.

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olivia said...

Oh hi, E, I'm just here thinking of you. I was watching this video as if I'd never seen it before but then I got to the end and realized I think I saw it a long, long time ago. But maybe I'm just imagining that because how could I have not commented? I could be puzzled about it for hours but I might as well just forget that and comment now. I love the video; it is awesome. I love that you are wearing my shirt, which will now always be yours but I will still call it my shirt. I love the love for your fam and I also feel super darn blessed that I got me some lucky buttons like that. We still have them on our backpacks. Anyway, I love you Elisa. Glad you answered that early-morn phone call I gave you. I can't keep up with Facebook, so come back to blogging please and thanks.