Monday, April 6, 2009

Upon Request my Life

Hello all of you out there that have nothing better to do than read about my life! This is my blog, which I will now be updating periodically due to some requests. (I just hope you Romania girls know how much I love because I am morally apposed to blogg’in). As it turns out, for some reason, people think that my life must be interesting because I am in medical school but I will be the first to tell you that is a farce, unless of course you consider hanging out with text books and people just as nerdy as yourself exciting. Don’t get me wrong I really do love it! All I am trying to say is that shows such as “scrubs” have really made it seem much more exciting. So I fear dear friends who read my blog thinking Elisa’s life must be exciting because she “doing things with her life” will most likely be asleep by the end of this entry and lets hope you never read this blog again.

It all began with a white coat ceremony! That is a ritual they do in medical school where they give you a white coat at a pre-graduation like ceremony in hopes that when you encounter patients they will see you in your white coat and believe what you say is true. I personally am very grateful for the coat due to my youthful appearance. I need all of the believability I can get.

Next I ran away from life to DC. While there I stayed with my most amazing friend Nikki Christensen. We have been best friends since the 7th grade when I first met her while she was wearing a pair of jean overall shorts. Truly an amazing out fit… speaking of it I have always been mean to suggest bringing it back. If anyone has the nerve it is for sure Nikki. Needless to say, as you will see from the pictures, Nikki is now much more stylish than I will ever be. I just really love her and for those of you that do not know her you are truly missing out. While in DC we had the most wonderful time with a beautiful bike theme. It all began when Nikki picked me up from the airport on her bike upon which she pumped me and my bags back to her apartment. I could not stop laughing the whole time. We had a lovely time riding our bikes to all of the monuments and Roosevelt Island. It was exactly what I needed. Nikki was truly the best hostess in the world and she saved me quite simply from going crazy. It appears that she always does that for me. Although the trip was just drenched with lovely things like home cooked meals from Nikki best part was when she cried when I left. And then she called me crying a few hours latter from the lawn. I don’t think I will ever have a friend that loves me that much again. Oh yes but one more thing while we were there we happened upon the most amazing Jim Henson exhibit! I truly am such a sucker for the Muppets. And what made it the best is that everyone was so happy to be there. At the end of the exhibit there is a film playing of clips of his work. I sat on a bench between and old man and a young girl that were grinning from ear to ear. And it struck me that although Jim did not cure cancer he truly did make the world a better place simply with puppets! What a wonderful way to change the world!

Washington Monument
Lincoln Monument
Good Old Mark!

Next big thing was for sure going with Nikki’s family to Spring City over Christmas Break! I would go off about it but words could never express just how much I love the Christensen family. It was perfect. A highlight for sure was when Nikki was band from listening to Dolly Parton… which was a true shame because I really do love her so much.

So Craig and Susan
I love Nikki
The most recent wonderful thing that has happened to me is for sure visiting my dear wonderful Kelly Kronk Johnson. Kelly and I just had a wonderful time running around Pittsburgh. She truly is just the post “precious” person in the whole wide world. I think what I loved best about being there was just feeling so loved by my dear Kel. I also loved seeing Frank Lloyd Wrights “Fallingwater”. It was amazing and since I am such an architecture/furniture nut I just loved every second of it. It was one of those things that were just not built up too much, which is really saying something because it is rather built up. I also had a blast hanging out with Kelly’s family! I just love them so much! Not to have favorites but I am truly a sucker for Rebecca Kronk, Kelly’s mom. Not that I don’t love the rest of you Konks but Kelly’s mom’s hugs just do me in. She is one of those people that when she hugs you you just feel so loved you want to cry. Needless to say it was just a magical visit.

Baby Annett
Good Old Best friends!
Kelly's Amazing Attic


The Winkels said...

I loved every minute of your update Elisa my dear! You are looking AMAZING first of all, and second, I need to see you please.

NEC said...

Wow. Would it be rude if I said the picture in the attic is a little suggestive?? I don't know what Renee would say about a picture like that.

darcie said...

spring city with the christensens? i'm jealousy. did anyone jump on the bed in their underwear?