Monday, May 26, 2008

Pop Rocks!

Wow family I think this week can be summed up best by a quote from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close that reads, “Anyone who believes that a second is faster than a decade did not live my life”. I can honestly say this week has been one of the longest and fastest of my lifetime. I also must say that the above-mentioned book is one of the best I have read in a very long time. If I was a book critic, which I am not, I would agree with the Baltimore Sun when they stated “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is a miracle, a daybreak, a man on the moon. It’s so impeccably imagined, so courageously executed, so everlastingly moving and fine”. Please if you read one book this summer let this be the one.

Now as for me this week started out with some Pop Rocks. I took them to the hospital to share with Fluorine and Marius. I figured that after our daily English lesson, which they hate, they might enjoy a little treat. The boys thought pop rocks were an absolutely wonder so they kept asking more for more. But as many of you know, who eat pop rocks, the more you eat the sticker they become making them harder to get out. When Marius asked for more I was having a hard time getting them out so I gave the package a little flick and a bunch came pouring out at once. Poor Marius end up with a bunch of pop rocks up his nose. Luckily with some strong nose blows Marius got them all out and we had a little laugh about it. I am so glad that he has such a wonderful sense of humor. Later that day when his brother was visiting Marius found one stuck to his face and he quickly popped it in his mouth to show his brother. It made me laugh not only because it was sick, but also because it made me happy to see him doing things that all kids his age would do.

The next big thing that happened this week also had to do with Marius. So in his room there are a few other kids. One child named Gabi who is burnt very badly and another who just has burns on his tummy named Leu. Leu might be one of the cutest little boys in the whole world. I have spent a lot of time blowing bubbles with him this week, which I might say I am becoming very good at. On Wednesday I did not go to the hospital because I was dealing with a little anxiety but the other girls did. A few hours after they got home I got a phone call from Marci, Marius’s aunt. She told me that one of the kids had sprayed mace in the bathroom that he said he found on the floor in the hospital. As soon as we heard I feared that the mace was Mindy’s and sure enough it was. What made the situation worse is that the little boy was Leu and he did not find the Mace but had stolen it out of Mindy’s bag. The poor little boy had no idea what he had taken so he ended up spraying himself right in the face. I’m sure that surprise will cure him from stealing for a while. As a result we were not allowed to go back to the hospital. There was a huge part of me that thought they would never let us come back. Although I realize that it was not our fault I can still see how that would make them really mad at us. But on Saturday after days of worry we found out that we could go back on Monday as long as we bring chocolates for the nurses, who now are not very fond of us. Done and done I say! I called Marci to tell her and she said Marius has been sad all week and refused to talk to Leu. Poor little Leu I feel so bad for him but I am glad that we get to go back. I have been missing my Marius like crazy. I love him so much!

The other best thing that happened this week is simple. Maria my little down syndrome baby gave ma a kiss for the first time. I realize that this is not a big one but it more then made my day.

As for now I am yours and I will talk to you soon with the exception of when I am hers.

-Elisa Thelys Bushman

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