Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hot Dudes and Hot Bands

I am not sure if it is even possible but I believe that I have just finished my fifth week here. This whole concept of time is absolutely mind boggling to me. Despite this I will do my best to describe what I have done with time.

So Fluorine, Marius’s roommate, went home on Friday morning. As a result Thursday was our last day with him. All week long Melissa, Mindy, and I planned what we could do for him so he would always remember just how much we loved him. We thought of a lot of things but we could not think of the perfect gift. We ended up getting him a basketball, ice cream, and pictures with us. When we walked in with the basketball he just lit up and we knew we had gotten the right gift. He ran over to get the ball, which he immediately began to dribble. But the fun did not last that long. Marius who is supper polite made Fluorine stop so the nurses would not get mad. Marius has really become good at working the system. He knows just what we are allowed to do and not do and he makes sure we do them because if we don’t then we have to go home early, which Marius does not like. The rest of the day we just sat there and enjoyed our boys. The nurses started moping early so we had to leave but we all quickly gave Fluorine a kiss goodbye. Marci, Marius’s aunt, told us that when Fluorine’s dad came for him the next day he said he did not want to leave because he want to see the girls again. Of course his dad said no so Fluorine gave Marci and extra kiss for each of us and left. It as crazy to go to the hospital without him but I guess that is just life and I am glad that he is at home where he can run around. Oh one last story about Fluorine… One day Mindy was talking to Fluorine about how he was burnt and she told him she way sorry. He quickly told her not to be sorry because he was glad he was burnt because he got to meet us. What an amazing little boy.

Now on a completely non-service note the girls and I went to a concert hosted by one of the many local politicians. At the moment Iasi is crowed with kids campaigning for various politicians. I can honestly say that every time we go out we get bombarded with fliers about people promising to make Iasi a more spectacular place. I think that this politician thought that by bring the most popular bands to Iasi he would show the young adult population just how great Iasi could be. Needless to say we were sold; good thing we cannot vote. I happened to have my nice camera with me so Whitney Scott and I went up to the front to get some good pictures, but it did not workout very well because the front was blocked off for campaigners. One of our friends did his best to get us in but the local Iasi police force was not having it. We wandered around the back of the stage to get some shots from that angle and the next thing we knew we had walked right into the fenced off area where our friend was. It was great not only did I get some good shots but we also got to meet some local politicians and have our picture taken with a Legendary Moody Blues like Romanian band called Holograph. While all of this was happening a younger yet very popular band called Voltaj was playing. According to their website they were voted the best performing group in Europe last year. Anyways what happened next was very funny. As they ended one of the band members walked up to Whitney and I and struck up conversation. He talked to me about my camera and about his band. Pretty soon he was asking Whitney and I if we wanted to go to the disco-tech with him. Although this was tempting due to the great story it would provide I could not say yes because our sweet branch president had asked us not to. So Whitney and I just walked away knowing that regardless we had a pretty good story about a Romanian celebrity hitting on us. I told Marius about it at the hospital and he just about died he could not believe I did not go to the Disco-tech. So I guess in the end it was a great story regardless and it made me that much cooler in Marius’s eyes which is everything.

Much love!


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Emily said...

Elisa, you have such sweet kids! They're so beautiful and I'm glad that you've been able to share your time and love with them. And I like reading about it!

P.S. Recognize my blogger picture??