Monday, May 19, 2008

Long Lost Friends

Now how to begin other then by saying this past week has been a true delight! Each day has of course been full of its trails but the good things have most defiantly outweighed the bad. I believe I have come home every night being amazing by something that happened. Now I don’t want you all to think something huge has happened because I truly don’t think that is what Romania is all about. Coming back has reminded me how it is those small things that make everyday so worth it. So here let me tell you about some of those things.

The orphanage has been great but I fear my heart is being stolen by my kids at the hospital but don’t worry they are all orphans too. Being there makes me so excited about my future. I know it might sound weird but I love being around sick kids. I think they are wonderful or at least most of them. I have been spending a lot of time on two different floors this week. The fourth floor where Marius is and ICU were Marion is. First I will tell you about Marion. Marion is one of the kids from the orphanage, where I work in the mornings, that has severe epilepsy. He is a very sad case in that his epilepsy is so severe that he is completely non-responsive and cannot control his movements. It now has become so severe that he has been moved to ICU until he passes away, which they say could be at any time. Most of the time Marion is asleep but when he is awake he is constantly seizing. I never knew Marion when he was able to respond or smile but I know at one point he was a slightly chubby little boy that could smile. I make it a point to go see his everyday and tell his stories. When I go the nurses look at me like I am kind of crazy because I am talking to someone that cannot understand me in a language that they don’t know, but this does not stop me. I also put baby lotion on his dry hands and feet. I realize that Marion most likely does not care about being moist but on the off chance that he does I thought it would be good to cover all the bases I could. I have really grown to love this little boy over the past week and find myself missing him when I go without seeing him. The other day when I was talking to him Osmond, a little boy that was in ICU the first time I can that now lives there and call the nurses mama, came running in and gave me a big hug. As we sat there talking to Marion together Osmond just kept patting his hand as he said his name. I’m not sure why that meant so much to me but it did. I guess I was glad to know that someone else knew him.

Well the other two boys that have really stolen my heart are Marius and his roommate/best friend Fluorine. These two little dudes are both burn victims. Fluorine was burnt when he was climbing a telephone poll (don’t ask he is a 12 year old boy). Marius was in a fire that both of his parents died in which he miraculously has survived. After being in a coma from December to February Marius woke but to reveal the wonderful boy that I have grown to love in just two weeks. When I came to Romanian I knew he would be here because the girls that came before are trying to get him to come to America to get treatments and reconstructive surgery so his face can be rebuilt. Working with Marius has been amazing not only because he is the biggest tease in the world but also because he has the most amazing aunt that we have also gotten to know. Marci has come here from Boston to help with Marius and as it turns out all of the other kids in the room especially his new friend Fluorine. She is amazing and just gives to these little boys all day long. The most amazing thing about Marius is his love for others. He is constantly thinking of everyone else around him except when he is playing the DS that Pete gave me before I left. (By the way Pete he is so good at it you were right. I cannot believe what a perfect gift it was. You are amazing and the boys here all love you for it,) I was just about to say my favorite moment with Marius so far was ______ but then I realized that every moment I have spent with him has been the best. So I guess the right thing to say is one moment that stands out to me was one day when I came in all sweaty from the long hot walk to the hospital. I sad down next to Marius and he quickly lifted up his little hand to brush my hair out of my face. It really just meant the world to me. I love that boy. I also love all of you and I hope you made it through this email.

Until next time I’m yours,


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The Winkels said...

ELISA! I bawled when I saw the picture of the street boys in your email...I can't believe it! They look so big! Thank you so so so much for sending that, I love it and have already printed a copy to take with me to school. How are they doing? Oh my--love your you! I'll write you an email soon!